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We are one of the last true Home equity mortgage lenders offering programs for home loan refinancing and 2nd mortgages. You will reap the financing benefits from working with a home equity lender that has been originating home equity refinance transactions for nearly 15 years! Shop home equity mortgage and loan refinancing terms online without being charged or committing to a company. Compare today's home equity rates and get advice on refinancing guidelines updated in 2013. Rates on a home equity refinance loan or credit line could not possibly get any lower, so get approved while the pricing and terms are so favorable.

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Welcome to the online lending portal of Home Equity Loans Refinancing Inc. We are a national mortgage banker who offers foremost lending for home equity loans and lines of credit. Review our refinancing solutions and you may find that this may be the perfect financing solution for getting cash quickly and eliminating adjustable interest rates. Find out why more first time home buyers choose our lenders over every other company online for financing new furniture, appliances and solar energy systems. Consumers across the country continue to select us to be their home equity lender because we come through with cost effective financing vehicles that maximize tax deductions and cash out opportunities.

Refinance Home Equity Mortgage Rates Now & Protect Against Inflation

It's no secret that the mortgage industry eroded a few years ago and as a result most home equity loan refinance programs were eliminated nationally. However, after a short leave of absence, we are pleased to announce that our cash back refinance products are back by popular demand. Our clients have grown accustomed to our automated system that enables a borrowers to refinance home equity loans without being hassled and nickel and dimed to death.

Home Equity Refinancing

Home Equity Interest Rates have fallen to 40-year lows, so click here for a No Cost Equity Loan Quote now!

We offer low interest finance programs for home equity loan refinancing that enable homeowners to get cash back, reduce monthly payments and convert adjustable rate credit lines into a better and more affordable fixed rate home equity loan. Take a minute and think about how a home equity refinance will transform the variable interest rates into a fixed simple interest loan that improves your financial state significantly. Consolidating adjustable rate lines of credit and high interest 2nd mortgages with the lowest home equity rates online is a wise financial move that will reward you for years. You can also get money using a credit line for paying for home improvements and much more!

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One of the biggest benefits of the Internet is the vast knowledge that is accessible to consumers quickly. We suggest that you get information from several sources online. We listed a few sources that provide added-value services that could make your home financing experience online, a more pleasurable one.
Nationwide provides alternative financing options for consumers with low credit scores. There are fewer choices for people who do not have good credit. Visit their Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage website for more advice. The Federal Trade Commission discusses the FTC on Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act - This was created to amend amending the Truth in Lending Act and establishes loan disclosure requirements. The Dodd-Frank Finance Reform Legislation updated the "Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" The Federal reform bill will be requiring loan officer to lower interest rates when borrowers choose to pay discount points.
  • Lower Your Payments with home loan refinancing
  • Simple Loan solutions using the equity in your house
  • Get Money Quickly without refinancing your home mortgage
  • Home Equity Lenders compete and you get the best interest rates!

Check today's home equity rates for various equity loans programs here. Lock in your home equity interest now! It is inevitable that home equity rates will be raised, so refinancing home equity loans and credit lines now is imperative to maximize low interest rates and significant monthly savings!

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